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Price in apartments

1 hour3200 USD
2 hours6400 USD
6 hours16000 USD

price for outcall

1 hour3400 USD
2 hours6600 USD
6 hours16200 USD

Hi, I'm a nice and hot girl who loves to have fun! I'm a professional prostitute, providing services both on the road and at your place. I'm confident, open and always ready for something new. I'll make your fantasies come true, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience! I'm passionate and creative, so you won't be disappointed. So if you're looking for an unforgettable experience, I'm the one you need!

Country Ukraina
City Kharkiv
District Nemyshlianskyi
Subarea Novozakhidnyi
Metro Palats Sport
Age 29
Height 169 cm.
Weight 50 kg.
Bust 2 (B) (natural)
Eyes Green
Hair color Blonde
Intimate hair cut Fully shaved
Language Russian, Ukrainian


Striptease Included Extra
Amateur striptease
BDSM Included Extra
Sensual domination


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