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Be careful! This profile has an increased risk of fraud! You will most likely be deceived on this phone number. You will lose money and not receive services. Do not transfer money to bank cards or phone numbers if asked to do so.

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Price in apartments

1 hour2000 USD
2 hours4000 USD
6 hours10000 USD

price for outcall

1 hour2200 USD
2 hours4200 USD
6 hours10200 USD

I take payment only upon meeting. If I ask for an advance payment BEFORE the meeting, then I am a fraud. Report me to the site admin.

Country Ukraina
City Kherson
Age 26
Height 170 cm.
Weight 60 kg.
Bust 3 (C)
Hair color Red
Intimate hair cut Fully shaved
Outcall pointsApartment, Sauna, Hotel
Language Russian, Ukrainian


Main Included Extra
Blowjob with condom
Vaginal sex
Massage Included Extra
Relaxing massage
Striptease Included Extra
Amateur striptease


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